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Routings Guide


kX Audio driver exposes 4 different Wave devices: Wave 0/1, Wave 4/5, Wave 6/7 and Wave 8/9. Each device has its own capabilities and default routings. (Note: Audigy2 supports additional device labelled 'Wave HQ'. Please review p16v routing for details).

Wave 0/1

This device can be used for multichannel playback (such as Sonar, DirectSound 3-D and DVD applications). However, due to multichannel support, it requires slightly more processor power and, thus, it is not recommended for latency-critical applications, such as Sonar (but 10ms latency can be easily achieved). Note that most applications that open the 'Wave 0/1' device in 'stereo' or 'mono' mode are not affected by software processing because it is automatically turned off.
The output of this device is routed to 'Generic Stereo' signal path and it gets mixed with Synthesizer output as well as 'front' outputs of the Surround Effects (Reverb and Chorus). It is up to the 'Surrounder' effect to choose, where the 'Generic Stereo' signal gets routed to. That is, it can be panned* between 'front' and 'rear' speakers (* this feature is not supported at the moment).

Wave 4/5, Wave 6/7, Wave 8/9

These devices route directly to your hardware outputs. Wave 4/5 is routed to 'front', Wave 6/7 - to 'rear', Wave 8/9 - to 'center+subwoofer'.
The Wave 6/7 output additionally gets mixed with 'rear' outputs of the Surround Effects (Reverb and Chorus). If you wish to use kX Audio Driver for '5.1' playback (DVD, Games), use the default connections (don't forget to swap 'front' and 'rear' speakers). Otherwise, you get 3 independent stereo outputs that can be used separately. Also note, that 'Wave 4/5', 'Wave 6/7' and 'Wave 8/9' do not require additional software processing (compared to 'Wave 0/1') and can result better latency under Sonar and similar applications which use 'Kernel Streaming'.

E-mu APS users

E-mu APS has similar routing scheme. The Wave 0/1 device has the same functionality as for the other kX Audio cards, and gets routed to A1/A2 by default (this can be changed via 'Surrounder' effect and the kX DSP applet). The Wave 4/5 gets routed to 'A1/A2', too. The Wave 6/7 gets routed to 'D1' and Wave 8/9 gets routed to 'D2' (A3/A4) physical outputs. So, if you wish to get '5.1' sound, simply connect your D2 to 'center/subwoofer' and D1 to 'rear' speakers. Otherwise, you get 3 independent stereo outputs.


ASIO channels correspond directly to the 'Wave X/Y' devices. That is, ASIO 4/5 are routed to FXBUS 4,5 and to the 'Front' speaker, ASIO 6/7 - to the 'Rear' and so on. ASIO 2/3 are routed to 'Synth' sound path.


Headphones receive 'Front' audio path by default. You can change that either by tweaking the 'Surrounder' effect or by re-connecting the Epilog's inputs ('Headphones') to the desired 'Surrounder' outputs. E-mu APS Headphones cannot be controlled via kX DSP.

XRouting default signal path

(note: this information may not be up-to-date with the very recent xrouting microcode)
xrouting (grouped by Inputs)

WaveL       -|------------------------------------------------> stereo_l
             |----------> Wave Recording Level      >---------> RecL      
WaveR       -|------------------------------------------------> stereo_r
             |----------> Wave Recording Level      >---------> RecR
SynthL      -|------------------------------------------------> stereo_l
             |----------> Synth Recording Level     >---------> RecL
SynthR      -|------------------------------------------------> stereo_r
             |----------> Synth Recording Level     >---------> RecR
fL_nw_In    -|------------------------------------------------> nw
             |----------> Wave Recording Level      >---------> RecL
fR_ne_In    -|------------------------------------------------> ne
             |----------> Wave Recording Level      >---------> RecR
sL_sw_In    -|------------------------------------------------> sw
             |----------> Rear Recording Level      >---------> RecL       
sR_se_In    -|------------------------------------------------> se
             |----------> Rear Recording Level      >---------> RecR
center_n_In -|------------------------------------------------> n
             |----------> Center Recording Level    >---------> RecL
             |----------> Center Recording Level    >---------> RecR
lfe_In      -|------------------------------------------------> lfe
             |----------> Subwoofer Recording Level >---------> RecL
             |----------> Subwoofer Recording Level >---------> RecR
w_In        --------------------------------------------------> w

e_In        --------------------------------------------------> e

s_In        --------------------------------------------------> s

top_In      --------------------------------------------------> top

FX1_nw      -|------------------------------------------------> nw
             |----------> FX1 Recording Level       >---------> RecL
FX1_ne      -|------------------------------------------------> ne
             |----------> FX1 Recording Level       >---------> RecR
FX1_L       --------------------------------------------------> w

FX1_R       --------------------------------------------------> e

FX1_sL      --------------------------------------------------> sw

FX1_sR      --------------------------------------------------> se

FX1_n       --------------------------------------------------> n

FX1_s       --------------------------------------------------> *** not used ***

FX1_t       --------------------------------------------------> *** not used ***

FX2_L       -|------------------------------------------------> nw
             |----------> FX2 Recording Level       >---------> RecL
FX2_R       -|------------------------------------------------> ne
             |----------> FX2 Recording Level       >---------> RecR
FX2_sL      --------------------------------------------------> sw

FX2_sR      --------------------------------------------------> se

In0         --------------------------------------------------> stereo_l

In1         --------------------------------------------------> stereo_r

In2         --------------------------------------------------> stereo_l

In3         --------------------------------------------------> stereo_r

In4         --------------------------------------------------> stereo_l

In5         --------------------------------------------------> stereo_r

In6         --------------------------------------------------> stereo_l

In7         --------------------------------------------------> stereo_r

In8         --------------------------------------------------> stereo_l

In9         --------------------------------------------------> stereo_r

In10        --------------------------------------------------> stereo_l

In11        --------------------------------------------------> stereo_r

In12        --------------------------------------------------> stereo_l

In13        --------------------------------------------------> stereo_r
xrouting (grouped by Outputs)

WaveL       ------------------------------------------------|-> stereo_l
SynthL      ------------------------------------------------|
In0         ------------------------------------------------|
In2         ------------------------------------------------|
In4         ------------------------------------------------|
In6         ------------------------------------------------|
In8         ------------------------------------------------|
In10        ------------------------------------------------|
In12        ------------------------------------------------|

WaveR       ------------------------------------------------|-> stereo_r
SynthR      ------------------------------------------------|
In1         ------------------------------------------------|
In3         ------------------------------------------------|
In5         ------------------------------------------------|
In7         ------------------------------------------------|
In9         ------------------------------------------------|
In11        ------------------------------------------------|
In13        ------------------------------------------------|

fL_nw_In    ------------------------------------------------|-> nw
FX1_nw      ------------------------------------------------|
FX2_L       ------------------------------------------------|

fR_ne_In    ------------------------------------------------|-> ne
FX1_ne      ------------------------------------------------|
FX2_R       ------------------------------------------------|

sL_sw_In    ------------------------------------------------|-> sw
FX1_sL      ------------------------------------------------|
FX2_sL      ------------------------------------------------|

sL_se_In    ------------------------------------------------|-> se
FX1_sR      ------------------------------------------------|
FX2_sR      ------------------------------------------------|

center_n_In ------------------------------------------------|-> n
FX1_n       ------------------------------------------------|

lfe_In      --------------------------------------------------> lfe

w_In        ------------------------------------------------|-> w
FX1_L       ------------------------------------------------|

e_In        ------------------------------------------------|-> e
FX1_R       ------------------------------------------------|

s_In        --------------------------------------------------> s

top_In      --------------------------------------------------> top

WaveL       ------------> Wave Recording Level      >-------|-> RecL
SynthL      ------------> Synth Recording Level     >-------|
fL_nw_In    ------------> Wave Recording Level      >-------|
sL_sw_In    ------------> Rear Recording Level      >-------|
center_n_In ------------> Center Recording Level    >-------|
lfe_In      ------------> Subwoofer Recording Level >-------|
FX1_nw      ------------> FX1 Recording Level       >-------|
FX2_L       ------------> FX2 Recording Level       >-------|

WaveR       ------------> Wave Recording Level      >-------|-> RecR
SynthR      ------------> Synth Recording Level     >-------|
fL_ne_In    ------------> Wave Recording Level      >-------|
sL_se_In    ------------> Rear Recording Level      >-------|
center_n_In ------------> Center Recording Level    >-------|
lfe_In      ------------> Subwoofer Recording Level >-------|
FX1_ne      ------------> FX1 Recording Level       >-------|
FX2_R       ------------> FX2 Recording Level       >-------|

FX1_s       ------------------------------------------------|-> *** not used ***
FX1_t       ------------------------------------------------|   *** not used ***

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