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Remote Controller

kX Remote

The kX Remote Controller window has no buttons at the moment, so better guide will be available as soon as the remote is fully supported.

Present RemoteIR keys assignment:

PowerDisplays Windows 'Shutdown' dialog
0..9similar to the keyboard keys '0'.. '9'
MuteMaster Mute
'-'Decreases Master volume
'+'Increases Master volume
Stop/EjectStop playback (*)
Play/PausePlay/Pause playback (*)
SlowSwitch task (similar to 'Alt-Esc')
PreviousPrevious track (*)
NextNext track (*)
StepSimilar to the 'Tab' key
Options'Application' key (system menu, if available)
Display'Alt' key (opens application menu)
Return'Backspace' key
StartOpens Windows 'Start' menu
CancelSimilar to the 'Esc' key
Up / Down / Left / RightSimilar to corresponding keyboard keys
Select / OKEnter

(*) For supported players only (WinAmp, Foobar2000, certain versions of Media Player, WinDVD).

You can perform practically any task in most Windows applications by using 'Start', 'Display', 'Select', 'Step' and the arrows.

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