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Ultimate Fifteen
The ultimate Fifteen Game with advanced Skin Pack

Actually, it is a 2-in-1 game (Fifteen + Custom Puzzle)!

Just imagine classic Fifteen game with a colorful graphic themes:
- Crystals
- Fire and Stones
- iFifteen
- Lucid Dreams
and 4 more...

Custom Puzzle mode:
With Puzzle mode, you can create your own puzzles using your favourite photos and beautiful cliparts.
Just buy this game and create new amazing puzzles from your Photo Library (or use supplied puzzle clipart).


  • 8 colorful skins for your children and you
  • 'Fifteen' and 'Puzzle' modes
  • Vivid graphics
  • Colorful clipart and support for custom pictures
  • Share your score with other players online!

You can play Ultimate Fifteen yourself or entertain your children and mates.
Let's see can you beat other players and enter the Hall of Fame! ;)

You'll get 9 different games for the price of one!
(8 skins + puzzle game + artwork)

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

Hall of Fame