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kX Fund -- Donate!

Many long hours of hard work have gone into the development of the kX Project thus far, and although the kX Audio Driver is a FREE download, any donations which you might be willing to make would be greatly appreciated.

Of course there is absolutely no requirement that you make a donation - it is entirely up to you - and the kX driver will remain a free download.

However, if you find that the kX Drivers are useful to you, or you simply wish to encourage the developers by making a monetary contribution (and are able to do so), then please make a PayPal/WebMoney donation (in any amount) to the kX Project.

As one of our contributors has pointed out, if all satisfied kX users would make even a very modest donation (say $10 each), it would go a long way towards deferring our costs and would further encourage development of new features (and elimination of old bugs).

A big thank you goes out to those of you who have already made donations to the kX project.
At the same time, as long as work continues there will be costs to be paid (such as webhosting, Audigy2 etc.) and of course your continuing donations will always provide additional incentive and motivation to the kX team, to keep on doing what they've been doing all along - namely providing free high-performance WDM drivers for the 10kx cards.

You can use any credit card accepted by the PayPal system. (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AmericanExpress).

You can also use WebMoney Transfer system. (Russian users click here: WebMoney. Note: WebMoney allows you to transfer money across Russia using any local 'Sberkassa' :).

If you would like to support the kX project by purchasing advertising space (i.e. an audio hardware or software-related banner ad at the top of our page) please let us know.

If you have any problems or suggestions feel free to contact us ( ).
If you have made a donation via bank transfer or Western Union, please send a confirmation message to .

You can read user feedback here.

VISA or MasterCard:

You can send us a donation by using VISA or MasterCard. Thanks to CEntrance,Inc - a company that accepts the donations on their e-shop. Please follow this link, choose the amount of money you wish to donate and 'buy' 'kX Project Donation' product. The money you donate will be transferred to kX developers directly.


You can support the development by purchasing our iPhone application! If you have iTunes installed, just click this link or this link and purchase this application. Even if you don't have iPhone, you can still purchase the application and this way you will support kX Project development.
[adv] go here


PayPal now ALLOWS to send donations to Russia from any regions.

Кошельки WebMoney:

Вы можете отправить пожертвования на кошельки ВебМани.
Номера кошельков:

Рубли: R292258758253
USD: Z182143976526
Euro: E391264560518


You can use WebMoney Transfer in order to send your donation.

Roubles: R292258758253
USD: Z182143976526
Euro: E391264560518

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