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Доступные в настоящее время эффекты:

  • Reverb Lite, Stereo Chorus, Delay, Overdrive, M4Tube (TubeSound), Chorus, AutoWah, CL Reverb, ProLogica, RingMod, Eq10a, APS Flanger, APS AutoWah, Stereo/Mono Vocoders, Overdrive2, Encode4, APS Fuzz, Stereo Mix, Mono Mix, Pan, Pan x2, EQ Bandpass, EQ Highpass, EQ Highshelf, EQ Lowpass, EQ Lowshelf, EQ Notch, EQ Peaking, Frequency Splitter, Stereo Volume, Downmix, Cnv51To2 (kXSurround), APS Compressor, B2B, ac3passthru, Phat EQ Mono, Phat EQ Stereo, WaveGen, Everb, Surrounder, Gain, Decimator, Crossfade, APS Pitch, CLEAX3Reverb, FXMix, Epilog Lite, Prolog Lite, FXBusX, APS Compressor+, FXMix2, HpSp, MX6, Expander, Expander+, WaveGen3, DelayA, DelayB, Dynamics Processor, NoiseGate2T, NoiseGate2Ts, Vibrato, 2nd-order and 4-order Crossovers, BoobleGum and Timbre - included with the latest kX Driver package or bundled with kX FX Pack add-on

To get started with creating your own DSP effects, download the kX API / SDK here. Some familiarity with C/C++ programming, MFC, Visual C and DSP programming techniques is assumed.

If you are interested in creating your own effects - or have already created some - please review the 'Effects and the DSP' section of our Support Forum and/or drop us an e-mail to .

Also, make sure to review A Beginner's Practical Guide to Programming Digital Audio Effects on the E-MU10kx family of DSPs, if you are interested in developing your own DSP effects.
Don't forget to review our links page -- some of them are DSP-related.
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