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'Knowledgebase' is no longer supported or maintained. Some of kX Knowledgebase PDfs and documentation is now stored on GitHub.

kX Project-related docs and articles

Technical Documentation

  • The EMU10K1 Digital Audio Processor - pdf
  • FX8010 - A DSP Chip Architecture for Audio Effects - pdf
  • SoundFont Technical Specification - pdf
  • SoundFont Application Note - pdf

3-D Positional Audio and Reverberation

  • Transaural 3-D Audio with User-Controlled Calibration - pdf
  • A Reverberator Based on Absorbent All-Pass Filters - pdf
  • 3-D Audio and Acoustic Environment Modeling - pdf

AC97 and I2S Codecs and ADC/DACs

  • Audio Codec '97 Revision 2.1 May 22,1998 (Intel) - pdf
  • Cirrus Logic / Crystal CS8413/CS8414 Digital Audio Receiver - pdf
  • ASAHI KASEI AK4524 Audio Codec - pdf
  • Sigmatel STAC9708-11 AC97 Codec - pdf
  • Sigmatel STAC9700 AC97 Codec - pdf
  • Sigmatel STAC9721 AC97 Codec - pdf
  • Wolfson WM8728 DAC - pdf
  • Philips UDA1328T i2s codec - pdf
  • Philips UDA1330ATS i2s codec - pdf
  • Philips UDA1360TS i2s codec - pdf
  • Philips UDA1361TS i2s codec - pdf

E-mu / Creative Patents

  • Re-Use of Special Purpose Registers as General Purpose Registers - pdf
  • Processor with Instruction Set for Audio Effects - pdf
  • Method And Apparatus for Three Dimentional Audio Spatialization - pdf
  • Method And Apparatus for Formatting Digital Audio Data - pdf
  • Memory Initialization Circuit - pdf
  • Interrupt Control for Multiple Programs Communicating with A Common Interrupt by Associating Programs to GP Registers, Defining Interrupt Register, Polling GP Registers, And Invoking Callback Routine Assotiated with Defined Interrupt Register - pdf
  • Method And Circuit for Implementing Digital Delay Lines Using Delay Caches - pdf
  • Enviromental Reverberation Processor - pdf
  • Dynamic Digital IIR Audio Filter And Method Which Provides Dynamic Digital Filtering for Audio Signals - pdf
  • DMA Device with Local Page Table - pdf
  • Audio Effects Processor Integrated on A Single Chip with A Multiport Memory onto Which Multiple Asynchronous Digital Sound Samples Can Be Concurrently Loaded - pdf
  • Audio Effects Processor Having Decoupled Instruction Execution And Audio Data Sequencing - pdf
  • System for Switching Between Buffers When Receiving Bursty Audio - pdf
  • Digital Sampling Instrument Employing Cache Memory - pdf
  • Interpolation Looping of Audio Samples in Cache Connected to System Bus - pdf

Other related documentation

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