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kX Audio Driver and kX mixer were written by me, Eugene Gavrilov.
The kX Audio Driver is Freeware, but since I have spent many hours working on this program, I would appreciate any donations which you can offer/spare.

I would like to thank Hanz Petrov from the Independent EMU10K1 Programmers Site for his support; Soeren Bovbjerg for driver testing and feedback; Friedemann Wolpert for Web Hosting, Dennis Samuelsson and Luki Goldschmidt for the kX Site mirrors and web-hosting.

I also appreciate all of the feedback, messages and e-mails that people have sent.

I would like to thank the people at opensource.creative.com, especially Daniel Bertrand and Rui Sousa. Thanks to Fabio Bizzetti for his work on how to fix the inter-channel and inter-converter delays on AC97 / I2S CODECs. Also, thanks to Sergey Komarinsky for C++ code optimizations.

I would like to thank Vedran "RIV@NVX" Miletic for BETA testing, bug reports, Croatian translation, help and screenshots updating and some ideas.

Thanks to Chris "dj_stick" Stannard for working on kX Knowledgebase articles.

My greetings also go to the Creative/EMU engineers for their hardware.

The following people contributed DSP effects to the kX Project: Cybercurve, eYagos, Robert Mazur, Martijn van Eeten, Remy TROTIN, WORM, Soeren Bovbjerg, Hanz, Mathias Wagner, moudi, David Descheneau, LeMury, E. Sokol, Martin "Tiger" Borisov, Max M.

The following people worked on translating the kX Audio Driver into different languages: alino [Italian] _a_l_e_ AT mail.com, Guayabo, djtronic [Spanish] djtronic AT espanet.com, Valentin RUSU [Romanian] kx AT valentinrusu.net, Treasure [Deutsch], stachooo AT poczta.fm, Dark Shadow dark.shadow AT gmx.at, Yves Prigent / Kapifree / Pascal "vikflash" Conchon [French versions] yves.prigent AT numericable.fr / kapi AT free.fr / vikflash AT free.fr, Petri Jokinen petri.jokinen AT telia.com, Bedeox [Second Polish version] bedeox AT emil.teleton.pl, Siawomir Siodelski [Polish] s.siodelski AT kujawy.ruch.com.pl, Wlodzimierz Grabowski [Third Polish version] wlodekk AT interia.pl, Piotr Trochimczyk [Polish] pit3r AT klub.chip.pl, Marko P. / Michael Lilja [Swedish] axiomis AT hotmail.com / michael.lilja AT telia.com, Vedran "RIV@NVX" Miletic [Croatian] riva_station AT yahoo.com, Pal A. Lind [Norwegian] palind AT online.no, Tim Mertens [Dutch] tim AT dimed.be, Svetlin Staikov [Bulgarian] sjs AT abv.bg, Daniel Marinho Drummond [Brasilian] daniel AT ufla.br, Smegi Tams [Hungarian] sumegit AT enternet.hu, Shyguy [Korean] freebits AT hanafos.com, Vasilis Platanias [Greek] azathoth AT otenet.gr, Benny Wen [Chinese] itwinner AT cmmail.com, ivan [Ukrainian] freeline AT ukr.net, SHO TAKETANI [Japanese] dees AT globetown.net, Phanu "Ake" Wasusin [Thai] wasusin AT hotmail.com, Kian Andersen [Danish] kian AT neksus.dk / evilneksus AT gmail.com, Stark Wong [Traditional Chinese] starkwong AT hotmail.com, Nando Dominguez [Spanish].

Also, I'd like to thank Matt Young, DK, DM and Tom Weber for their incredibly generous investment into the kX Project.

And last, but certainly not least - thanks to Max Mikhailov for the RIFX Info, DSP Effects, Dane Assembler, bug reports, BETA testing and his source code.

- Eugene Gavrilov
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