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If you wish to get help or ask any questions related to the kX Audio Driver operation and functionality, please post your message to our Support Forums. The Forums have been set up to allow users to ask questions and exchange helpful tips and information with each other. kX developers and collaborators will sometimes drop in to answer questions, but on a limited basis (mainly due to time constraints). Note that the kX Project email address (see below) should be used for Bug Reports and suggestions only - support questions will be referred to the kX forums.

Don't forget to review our issues and the FAQ before sending your questions. This will save us time and let us spend more on improving the software.

A very good source of information is our KnowledgeBase. In most cases your problems can be easily solved by reading its articles.

GitHub now hosts some of the PDFs and documents previously found on our KnowledgeBase web site.

In case you wish to participate in the Project, please read this article.

If you wish to make a donation, please use the contact information found on this page.

If you have any additional questions / topics for the discussion, please either use our Forum (in certain cases you can send us a 'Private' message when necessary) or send us a direct e-mail: . Unfortunately, due to lack of time we cannot provide personalized support via e-mail. Note: please use English or Russian languages only. Avoid sending us any large attachments, screenshots and dumps unless asked to do so. Thanks in advance!

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